Why I Do What I Do

Hello, My name is

Daniela Porter

Hello World!

I have come to enlighten women, in uniting the souls and spirits to make a better world!

I am a strong believer, when women come together loving each other will bring a much better placed for us in this planet.

I’m also passionate with all my blood, that all children should be treated with dignity and respect. I love to learn new things and always find myself multitasking to entertain my brain.

I am a mom of a big personality toddler girl, a mom of a dog named Romeo, who behaves like a human and I love to read at least one book per week. I love to dance bachata and cook new dishes for my friends and family. I absolutely love celebrating birthdays, making videos and taking lots of pictures.

I am here to empower people to make their dreams come true!

Emmy Award Winning Videographer / Journalist

As a journalist my passion is to, through investigating reporting tell compelling stories to be the voice for the ones that are voiceless or afraid to speak, it is my joy, and driven by my love for humanity.

I am committed to bring truth based news that impacts lives and the world positively. My goal is transforming the concept that main stream media, are those corporation diluting facts for top sales, irresponsible intoxicating the planet with fear.
The only way to reset our brain pattern is bring news of Love, Truth, and Responsible journalism that will cure the world.

I am here to empower people to make their dreams come true!

Energy healer & Empowerment Mentor

I am driven by a force bigger than myself, that allows me to find the way and opens doors needed to accomplish and to achieve.

During my journey, I combined difference technique to develop patients, because every single person is unique. The particular response to the Holistic techniques that I’ve studied used in my therapies. The power of therapy is stimulating the subconscious mind to truly discover your unlocked potential.

A thought produces an emotion that will lead in an action with results. As an energy healer, I work in the subconscious mind, to reset and deliver powerful positive though, leading to the best and most productive You, you can be with ground breaking results. Negative emotions such as (fear, anger, hate, wrath, jealousy) act as toxins to the productivity and are a direct link to the production to unsuccessful lifestyles.

When the body and mind gets heal, than a new spiritual force opens up serving their own purpose of life. At that point, my work is done.